CrossCurrents Village

CrossCurrents is more than just a festival. It’s a broad collaboration between like-minded individuals taking place in beautiful locations. Below you’ll find a list of our favorite coffee bars, clothing stores, record shops and much more. Places we feel share the same vision we do. Before you experience CrossCurrents head out into the city discover these hidden gems and see what Maastricht has to offer.

Food / Drinks

KOFFIE bij Joost en Maartje

Quality coffee, handmade furniture, and homemade pastries. Say hi to Joost and Maartje from us!

Maastrichter Heidenstraat 8, Maastricht

Cato by Cato

A deli like no other, you can travel every corner of the globe, or you can grab a bite at Cato by Cato.

Stenenbrug 9, Maastricht
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A brasserie in an old military barracks, the Tapijn has good food, live music and atmosphere to boot.

Tapijnkazerne, 20
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A special coffee/tea bar with amazingly tasty vegan food! A nice place to set up with your laptop or chat with friends.

Mariastraat 6, Maastricht
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Patty 'n Bun

The best burgers in town and surrealistically large milkshakes. Head to Patty ‘N Bun if you’re hungry… really hungry.

Sint Pieterstraat 50, Maastricht
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With Love Burrito

Love and Burritos, the two things that make the world go round. Get them both at the fantastic With Love Burrito!
Markt 4, Maastricht

De Gouverneur

Home of the beer bible a revelation of 250+ different beers. De Gouverneur is, quite simply, heaven for beer lovers.

Boschstraat 105, Maastricht
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The Salad Bar

Healthy food that tastes fantastic? Yes its possible. Go to the Salad Bar and you’ll see (ps. try their green juice, its amazing).

Boschstraat 67, Maastricht
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De Brandweerkantine

A fire-station turned cafe/restuarant, this place is so hip it’ll make your eyes water. Looking for some excercise Check out the pingpong hall in the back.

Capucijnenstraat 21, Maastricht

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Cafe Zondag

Cozy, stylish, arty and retro. Add to that some of the best paninis in town and you’ve got a Maastricht hotspot.

Wijckerbrugstraat 42 Maastricht
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Shopping / Lifestyle

Hotel the Dutch

The perfect hotel for the chic adventurer. Don’t forget to visit their bar for a delicious cocktail surrounded by stuffed flamingos.

 Wilhelminasingel 60, Maastricht
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HAE Winkel

An art space, a Korean Deli, and a selection of beautiful, quirky products from designers across Asia. Hae is the most zen spot in town.

Sint Jacobstraat 5, Maastricht
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Home of the best-dressed men in Maastricht. Mayfair’s blend of stylish brands, complimentary tailoring and great customer care leave you feeling like a king.

Stokstraat 16, Maastricht
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Takeaway furniture, bet you’ve never seen that before. Furniture&Cafe lets you try before you buy, with an espresso in hand.

St. Jacobstraat 4 b, Maastricht
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Seventy Eight Records

The finest selection of vinyl in Maastricht. Grab a coffee at the bar and browse a selection that grows everyday.

Boschstraat 75A, Maastricht
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