Genre hopping jazz-crossovers and adventurous improvisations into unknown territory. Curated by Pieter Schoonderwoerd of Jazz Maastricht and Sigrid Paans of the Conservatorium Maastricht, this music programme is tailor-made for the musical trend setter with a taste for the unusual.

Jacob Collier

Jungle by Night

Neil Cowley Trio

Cairo Liberation Front


Lucy Echo


Just Another Foundry

The Fluid Orchestra FEAT. DJ Vindictiv


La Mezcla Loca

Evacuation Plan

Ishtar Bakhtali



Experimentation and expression; two sides of the same coin. Luc Soete of UNU-MERIT has curated four unique collaborations between a artist and scientists from the Maastricht University. Dance+motion mapping, molecular imaging+film, visual projections+artificial intelligence… expand your mind!


The Infinity Games


Joost Rekveld: #37


Without Nosferatu there would be no True Blood, without George Méliès no Star Wars. Curated by David Deprez of the Lumière Cinema, experience genre defining films complete with live soundtracks. Perfect for the (aspiring) film buff looking to transform their perception of Cinema!

A. Hitchcock: Blackmail (BRUUT!)

F. W. Marnau: Nosferatu (Buscemi & Michel Bisceglia)

For Your Legs Only (I Compani)

George Méliès: Het Fantastische Luchtschip (M. Van Vugt, I. Vandoorn)

Layer by Layer