CrossCurrents is the newest, hottest festival in Maastricht. Initiated by Jazz Maastricht, we’re taking Jazz out of the box and filling the Sphinxkwartier with a combination of music, science, art and film. For us jazz is all about experimentation, connection, adventure and exploration. With the help of eight partner organizations we’re crossing genres and disciplines, to put together a completely different kind of festival. Transform yourself with  a kaleidoscopic smorgasbord of grammy winning musical acts, surprising film+music extravaganzas, never-before seen science and art collaborations and the best young talent in the region. Its enough to get our heads spinning with excitement!

CrossCurrents is made possible through the support of the IMPACT project. This international forum for innovative industries brings together researchers, artists and businesses from the new technology sector and the cultural-creative industries.
This project is supported by the European Union and the European Fund for Regional Development. Read more about IMPACT here

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  • Where can I buy tickets for CrossCurrents festival?
  • Is there a minimum age for festival visitors? 
    • No.
  • How do I get to CrossCurrents Festival
    • You can reach the festival location by car, public transport, bike or on foot. Check out our location page to get all the details: Location
  • Where can I find the schedule? 
  • Can I work at CrossCurrents? 
    • Yes! We’re always looking for enthusiastic volunteers. Click here for more info => Talk To Us
  • How do I get into the festival venues?
    • At the entrace of the festival terain follow signs to the ticket desk where. Bring your printed e-ticket with you and, when you show it to a ticket desk attendant, you will recieve a wrist band which will give you access to all festival venues
  • What are you not allowed to bring into the festival venues?
    • Drugs
    • Food and drinks – regardless of packaging, do not bring any food or drinks into the festival venues
    • Professional recording equipment
    • Weapons of any kind
  • What time do the festival venues open?
    • Festival venues open at 16.00 on May 13th. Wristbands are available from 15.30 and the first show starts at 17.00.
  • Can I pay with pinpass at the festival venues?
    • Yes, you can purchase tickets and consumption coins with pin at the ticket desk.
  • Is there food and drink available at the festival?
    1. There are numerous food and drink locations at the festival including foodtrucks near the outdoor stage, the Lumière and Pathé Cafes and the Muziekgieterij Bar.
  • Is there alcohol served at the festival?
    • Yes, both strong and weak alcoholic drinks will be served. Please note, you must be 18 or older to consume alcoholic drinks.
  • Where can I store my valuables?
    • Lockers are available in the Muziekgieterij, however all items are stored there at your own risk.
  • Can I bring a camera?  
    • You’re welcome to bring a camera to take pictures of yourself, your friends, your food, etc. However, recording any of the acts is not allowed in any form.